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  2. The guitarist from Spirit is FINALLY suing Led Zeppelin lmaoooooooooo

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    Migos - Brokanese ACAPELLA - FADER TV (by The FADER)

    spoken word

    remember this piece of art

    we are witnessing history

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  4. why would i ever watch game of thrones when i can just watch that web series gay of thrones instead

    (not the porn one)

    (also i will watch the porn one as well)

  5. >Noticing your kohai

    >Noticing your kohai

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  6. skirllex wishes he could d-d-d-d-drop tha bass like dan did on “there is no food”

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  9. I have made art

  10. I still cant believe lil b made it to one of those celebrity bulge blogs

    Thats when you know youve hit it big


aw daym based god

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