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    Shoegaze memes

    Blurry pink fuzz like a boss

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  3. im going to listen to #NEWGOREORDER because something this shitty cant really exist right?

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    Bobby Shmurda new song hard as hell


    This one goes out to all of the freelance white audio engineers who stare at the studio computer when everyone else is having fun

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  6. Last night’s Panda Bear show. <3 u noah.

    • with tomboy and chz i listened to nearly every (quality) live bootleg until the albums came out. i managed to resist any bootlegs for pbvgr. it was very difficult. unless you count that “cosplay weed makes my day 420 blaze it” song but you shouldnt because it doesnt
    • the songs ive heard tonight make me think that panda bear vs the grim reaper will be much better than tomboy. bitch you read right. pandy is no stranger to break beats but this is the first time where they are like RIGHT UP IN THE FRONT in the mix. its like a bunch of “slow motion” type songs. they sounded much more fuller and lively-er than the more stripped back tomboy tracks.
    • one song samples the “paid in full” drum track. at first i was like “wait is he sampling that pm dawn song” and then i felt extreme shame that pm dawn was the first thing that came to mind when hearing that break.
    • the crowd was live as shit. people were screaming and dancing the whole time. i never thought that a panda bear show would have the most active crowd since i saw robyn 5ever ago.
    • there were stobe lights in my face the entire time and it made me feel delirious.
    • the set ended with a projection of a woman covered in body paint vomiting and laughing.
    • noahs mom and sister were in the audience apparently :3
    • "the preakness" got a live-set retweak. it was fucking weird.
    • he didnt play any songs from person pitch
    • this was only the second time i went to a concert with a guest (two guests actually, my boyfriend and my friend). i was very nervous because the other time i brought my friend to see swans and he left after 20 min. so i try to go to concerts by myself now. but they liked it!
    • the opening act was called blues control and they sounded like shit which was weird because i just quickly listened to some of their songs on youtube and theyre not bad at all. i dont know if the sound guy had it out for them or what but shit was hard to listen to. at one point the woman in the duo was just SLAMMING her guitar on the ground. it sounded like a train(?).
  7. the ending to this is the greatest thing i have ever seen in my life

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    Kylie Jenner tried to get on the Spooky Black wave but Spook aint widdit lmaooo

    Put “you are worthless like the rest of us” on my tombstone

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  9. fka twigs dancing with a friend

    fka twigs dancing with a friend


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